Press & Awards


Perth Fringe World Best Cabaret Nominees 2016 for Otto & Astrid - Kunst Rock

Western Australian Critics Award Nominees 2016 for Otto & Astrid - Kunst Rock

WINNER - Best Cabaret Production Melbourne Greenroom Awards 2015 for Otto & Astrid - Eurosmash! (plus 3 other Greenroom nominations)

WINNER - Most Outstanding show London Fringe 2015

TO&ST - Time Out & Soho Theatre Award nominees (Best Cabaret), Edinburgh 2013 for Otto & Astrid – Kunst Rock

Green Room Awards nominees - Best Original Songs/Best Ensemble, Melbourne 2010 for Kunst Rock

WINNER Best In Festival - Winnipeg Fringe 2010/08 WINNER Best Comedy – Victoria Fringe 2010 for Kunst Rock

WINNER Most Outstanding Show - Ottawa Fringe 2010 and Best Comedy Victoria Fringe for Kunst Rock

WINNER Best Production - Montreal Fringe and Best Comedy at Victoria Fringe 2008 for Supermusician

WINNER Green Room Awards - Cabaret – Melbourne 2008 (plus 3 other nominations) for Super Musician


★★★★★“ All you really need to know is this: they’re hilarious.” - CBC Canada

★★★★★ “The perfect musical comedy act – it should not be missed” - Broadway Baby, UK

★★★★★ "Otto and Astrid take rock to a new level with this wild cabaret"- Herald Sun, Melbourne

★★★★★“Made me want to jump out of my chair and dance.” - Three Weeks, UK

★★★★★ “The perfect musical comedy act and there is something there for everyone – it should not be missed.” Broadway Baby, UK

★★★★★ “An orgasmic rock-und-roll experience.” - Monday Magazine, Canada

★★★★ “Intensely funny.” - The Age, Melbourne

★★★★ “Pitch perfect pop parody. Too much fun!” - The Scotsman

★★★★ “White Stripes mated with Laurel and Hardy in the Black Forest." - Time Out, London

★★★★“Die Roten Punkte are unquestionably one of the highlights of this yearʼs cabaret programme!" - Metro, Edinburgh, 2013

★★★★ "A beautifully grotesque, glam-rock punk-pop riot of a gig." - Fest Mag

★★★★“ The whole presentation is wild and gets the balance between comedy and music exactly right.” - British Theatre Guide

★★★★ “Left me doubled-up with laughter and barely in control of my bladder.” – Metro

★★★★“White Stripes meets Spinal Tap but sillier and with a better drummer.” - To Do List

★★★★“Die Roten Punkte is nuts...the timing and underlying talent behind the outrageousness makes for great Fringe entertainment.” - The Herald

"Right out of a Christopher Guest film!" - Metro, New York

“Satire with a blistering beat. A minor masterpiece.” – The Vancouver Sun

“Half Hives, Half Boosh. An absolute must see.” – Inpress, Melbourne

★★★★ “Hilarious, outrageous. Set to be bigger than Jesus.” – The List, UK

★★★★ “Pitch perfect pop parody.” - The Scotsman

“Inspired, brilliantly executed lunacy.” - The Gazette

“Punk rock meets Eurovision!” - Montreal Mirror

★★★★★ "Die Roten Punkte will have you laughing your ass off!" - Vue Weekly, Edmonton

★★★★★ “Pants-wettingly funny!” – Uptown Magazine, Canada

“Inspired, brilliantly executed lunacy...sonic collision between Plastic Bertrand, Kraftwerk and early Ramones” - The Gazette, Montreal

★★★ “It's a class act ...intensely funny...their self-delusional electro-thrash music exhibits influences from the B-52s, Lena Lovich and even Nick Cave” - The Age, Melbourne

“Don’t miss this hilarious parody, a send up of punk rock and Eurotrash” - Vancouver Sun

★★★★★ “If expletives were fit for daily print, I'd use one to illustrate how bleeping incredible this show is.” - Star Phoenix, Saskatoon

★★★★★“The funniest show at the festival” - Planet S Magazine, Saskatoon

★★★★★ “This is a perfect show” - Monday Magazine, Victoria

“The performances are exuberant and flawless...fist pumping fun of the highest order.” - Eye Weekly, Toronto

“With finesse and the most chemistry you'll ever see on stage...,they will have you and your spandex pants rolling down the aisles in a bundle of laughs. Both members are sublime performers that make every nuance, note and dance move count...they are an absolute must see" – InPress, Melbourne