Some ❤️ for our brand new show, Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project!

May 21, 2024

★★★★★ “Otto and Astrid are a triple threat: consummate musicians, comics and actors… together they are phenomenal.” ArtsHub, Melbourne

★★★★★ “Fiendishly smart comedy…The show is a riot of fabulous visual sight gags, sharply witty banter and big musical beats.” Shadows on the Wall, UK

★★★★ “Imagine an indie rock version of Tenacious D, Flight of the Concords or Steel Panther!” Theatre Weekly, UK

★★★★ “Otto & Astrid have enough musical clout to rock as hard as they joke.” The List, UK

★★★★ “Anarchic, chaotic and absurd fun. This is a hidden gem of a show, and unlike anything else you will see at the (Edinburgh) Fringe this year. Hilariously disestablishmentarian!” North West End, UK

★★★★ “A hallucinogenic hour of utterly engrossing performances, strobe lighting and pastiche songs with hilarious lyrics. The music is toe-tapping and hilarious, and the call-and-response style is utterly infectious.” Ed Fringe Review, UK

★★★★ “Unapologetically quirky, audibly resonant, and thematically rich…attendees are left with the sensation of having witnessed something unparalleled” The Quintissential Review, UK

★★★★1/2 “They are masters of their craft; the skill of execution and the hilarious comedic elements from many levels makes this production a must-see bucket list show.” Theatre Matters, Melbourne

“These guys are a match made in heaven or maybe hell. Their show formula works, often hilarious and always entertaining to an audience who loves them dearly.”  Stage Whispers, Melbourne

“A hilarious blast of punk rock cabaret from the self-proclaimed ‘Berlin’s Prince and Princess of art rock and Europop.’ Their timing so critical to great comedy, is spot-on and their antics bring to mind the comedic genius of the silent film era… if you ever do get the opportunity see this show… grab it with both hands.” Melbourne Observer